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September 21, 2016


mage Bailey

Hey, the crappy weather is down here.
Yes Lin does magic things and I too like that stopping place. Think of what she could do with that dried castoff beach wood.


Mage: Well, you're just spoiled on warm (not hot) sunny days where you are!
Maya Lin is wonderful at taking found materials, industrial materials, whatever is at hand, and making something totally suited to its surroundings. I don't think she is trying to make permanent monuments but more making things that are pleasant and useful for people living now.


I love the simplicity of Lin's work and how she uses the environment to work with her projects.


Kay: So do I. Did you get to see the Vietnam Memorial?

Michael Strickland

Fall on the Pacific Coast has always been some of the most gorgeous weather season in the entire world, but we live in a Northeastern-centric country, so it's all about Autumn Leaves Changing Color in the Northeast. Which is lovely, but really...

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