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September 27, 2016


Silver Willow

And his lies continue. "I wasn't sniffling. It was a bad mic. It just was picking up my breathing."

Holy cow, he can't even LIE good.


I could only do snippets to protect my health. What was he on? He reminded me of the late unlamented Rob Ford of Toronto. He lost the plot so many times and that moderator should be sacked.
Enjoy the dim sum.


From Dim Wit to dim sum. Yum.
I understand cocaine can make someone sniffle a lot--that also might explain why "he lost the plot so many times." I wonder.


When I was in the supermarket today I had to refrain from high-fiving every woman I saw.

Ole Phat Stu

Trump performed as expected ;-)


Better than expected! 😜


Would you believe 25% of the people in Hawaii thought Trump won the debate in the Star Advertiser poll? 61% thought Hillary won. 13% thought it was a draw. What the heck is wrong with those 38%?


Kay: How is it that this obviously destructive person has gotten as far as he has? What is his real message to his fans? I'm sincerely puzzled.

mage Bailey

Dim sum has far more value than Dim Trump.


Ironic how "dim sum" seems to "sum" it up.


The dim sum was superior. A ten I'd say.


This looks like a good place as well.


Michael Strickland

It was very "A Face in The Crowd" moment, where Patricia Neal turns up the (non-defective) mikes in the studio so everyone watching on television can hear what Andy Griffith as a proto-Trump character really thinks about all those rubes in the heartland. I only watched the second half of the debate, when Trump started losing it altogether because my spouse said, "you've got to see this, Trump keeps sniffing through his nose like he's coked out of his mind." I think we may have just dodged a bullet here because talking intelligently about the candidates this year is useless. The only way Trump can be stopped is through ridicule and he sure gave everyone in the world a lot of ammunition Monday night.


Michael: I am having many fine moments of schadenfreude. Could it be that there is some justice in this tired old world after all?


I doubt it's drugs. Maybe an allergy.


Brandon: No proof, of course, but I'll bet that the doc who wrote that letter about his wonderful health letter is one of those Dr. Feelgood guys who provides his special clients with the drugs they want. He probably takes all kinds of stuff.


He's high on himself.


Don't you understand? Its all the microphone's fault.

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