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September 29, 2016



The Makali`i sculpture at UH-Hilo is especially hideous, and cost $700,000.


http://www.albertpaley.com/index.cfm?Page=Public Sculpture

More on that sculpture at Wells Fargo:


Brandon: Wow. Those sculptures are so bad and such an insult to the public.

mage Bailey


mage Bailey

Following the link, I really don't mind the Popsicle, and the Henry Moore is lovely stuff.


Yes, its the natural world we love, not the teumped up flower>


Mage: The popsicle is a sentimental favorite, of course. Remember sucking the juice off the wooden sticks? That was a very odd sensation. And the way part of it would so often fall off onto the dirt or into the sandbox! Memories, memories.
I am kind of anti-sculpture, actually, prejudiced in other words. I could say that the best part of the Moore statues is the holes! What I like is a space that I can move around in, not one that is occluded with attention grabbing objects and phallic symbols!
Dianne: We have made such a mess out of the natural world. There are so few places left that have not been made over in the image of Man.



"We have made such a mess out of the natural world. There are so few places left that have not been made over in the image of Man."

And nature remakes it. See the lava flows for example.


Brandon: Simply awful. It's to put the little people in their place with something big, simple and stupid yet very very expensive. And if you object you are a philistine.
And you can go to the Natural History Museum in NYC and see a re-creation of a Kilauea lave flow in an appropriation of Mother Nature's work, for educational purposes, of course.


Jeff Koons is ironic:P

If I get to the Natural History Museum, it's worth checking out.


Yes, but we all get the joke by now. I can be ironic, and it doesn't cost anyone a cent!
If you have seen the real thing, the NHM display seems lame by comparison.


I quite like the sculpture. I think what's wrong with it is the location. A colourful, exuberant sculpture in front of a hideous office building? Whose bright idea was that? Surely it should be in some scenic landscape, or failing that, at the Seattle Sculpture Park (which I've visited, btw).


Nick: location is the rub, especially in a city that is short on public space. So you have been here and noticed the mundane architecture. And in such a beautiful setting. It's a pity.

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