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September 28, 2016



I hope Terry is fine.

Ole Phat Stu

Do go for dinner at the Edgewater, I remember it was a great hotel :-)


Seattle has so many great restaurants. Hard to choose sometimes.


See my post about Sebi's Bistro. I don't think Hawaii has anything like it.


Looks like heavy calorie rich food, suitable for a cold climate diet. Stews and dumplings and so on.

Silver Willow

Hope he's better now. Glad it was (other than that) a good time!

mage Bailey

I hope those aren't broken ribs. Yes, I like the frayed iron a lot.


He did get some big bruises, but he is doing OK. I guess I have to agree with him that going to a doc would not help that much. But he has promised to see his doc when we get home to Hilo.
Mage: It does look "arty," doesn't it. I enjoyed catching a found artwork in this town, which is full of really really bad public art.


"[I]n this town, which is full of really really bad public art."

Can you post some pictures thereof?


You can look around and find stuff. There is the one in my next posting. There is some background in the article from The Stranger but not many pix. I think that Calder is hideous, at least in that photo, and I like Calder. It's something about the scale and the setting.
http://www.thestranger.com/visual-art/features/2016/01/27/23483067/a-guide-to-what-is-and-isnt-public-art-in-seattle The writer scores when he describes Seattle as a "fake," in the way it has altered the natural landscape.


I fell down stairs, cracked a rib or two and other than pain killers (keep the oldies drugged) they could do nothing. I couldn't stomach the pain killers and toughed it out.

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