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September 26, 2016


Silver Willow

I for SURE won't be watching, and am glad I have football tonight to distract me. Trump makes me so angry; it just wouldn't be good for my blood pressure or psyche to watch.


My problem is that I don't like spectator sports that much and am a wonky politics fan. Not a recipe for happiness right now!

mage Bailey

Not watching. I dislike Trump so strongly that I end up yelling at the tv.


I hadn't planned to watch but have decided to give it a go. My husband gives me 10 minutes before I yell, throw a cushion at the tv, and turn it off. He knows me pretty well.


I'll probably sit there horrified!


The slave business sounds horrific and dehumanizing. But to say it was uniquely American is a bit of a stretch. Only 3% of the slaves that left Africa were brought to the US.


We're recording it too, but I don't know if we'll watch it for sure. It's probably going to raise our blood pressures.



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