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October 27, 2016



Halloween's a big thing in Northern Ireland now, but in the rest of the UK Guy Fawkes Night still reigns supreme. We get a few Trick or Treaters but they're never remotely frightening. They're schoolkids in fancy dress hesitantly ringing the doorbell, ready to scamper away if anyone shouts at them.


Nick: I'm sure Trump costumes will be yuge this year.


Not to mention "sexy" Trump costumes (I posted an article from The Hill about this a while ago on FB).


There's also a "sexy" Hillary costume. It's called the Capitol Hill costume but the description reads, "Go from First Lady to the Oval Office in this Yandy limited edition Capitol Hill costume ...".


More here: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/lifestyle/a3620165/sexy-donald-trump-hillary-clinton-halloween-costumes/

Silver Willow

I think I'm glad I've put a self-imposed moratorium on all things political (other than actually voting.)


Yes, this election year is pretty darn ugly. I'm looking forward to November 9th.

My super Christian cousin posted something on his FB site that a friend from his church wrote about Hillary bringing in Islam into the country, abortion, etc. etc. I did a very short comment about the 1st amendment being Freedom of Religion and got a response full of vitriol against Hillary and how Islam was all about pedophilia, women hating, and I forget what else. I was startled at the hatred. Needless to say, I didn't unfriend my cousin, but I did make it so I wouldn't see his posts anymore.


@Musings: Most of my FB friends' posts aren't political. When they are, it's mostly against Trump. I see the occasional anti-Hillary post too, but I tune out most of this stuff--from both sides.

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