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October 31, 2016



"He can use kitsch effectively because he is so sure of his taste."

Can you elaborate?
Are you going to any Halloween parties tonight?


Brandon: He is not out and out campy (not ironic or making fun of bad taste) but rather takes objects at face value and places them where they can be appreciated. He does collages using a lot of found objects, etc. I might post some more photos.
I attended my last Halloween party years ago. I don't drink and don't care to wear costumes. There are some things I'm just too old for! How about you? Are you going to a party, and what kind of costume will you wear?


I'm planning to go to a family friend's house this evening. Nothing elaborate, just dinner and passing out candy to kids, who come from all around. No costume for me.


Brandon: Just passing out candy to neighborhood kids, too.

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