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October 28, 2016



"It's just nuts right now."

Maybe you can elaborate on this later.


Brandon: I have no particular wisdom. I was just thinking: You will be coming up to Dec. 7, 1941 pretty soon!


California has so many propositions to vote on that the voter packet looked like a college catalog. I vote by mail so already sent my ballot. Terry likes to go to the polls and cast his ballot in person so he has another week.


Yes. What I've found in doing the 1941 part is the awareness that something big was going to happen sooner or later.

This election season will be written about for years, decades to come.


Brandon: Or, because it mostly has been a media phenomenon with not much real stuff happening, it may all be forgotten.


Hillary's being the first woman nominated on a major-party ticket is noteworthy. If she wins, that is historical. Also, the role of social media (Trump on Twitter; the alt-right's rise); the upheaval in both parties, but especially the Republican Party; the greater involvement of foreign powers in the election; Trump overtaking Jeb Bush, Rubio, Cruz, et al. (Everyone thought it would be a Bush vs. Clinton faceoff.) How does Trump's rise correlate with populist movements in other countries (Duterte, for example)? The GOP's stance on trade and immigration: the shift towards protectionism and restricted immigration.

These and many other things, some not yet apparent, will be pondered for a long time.

The Obama administration is not yet over, but New York magazine asked 53 historians to judge Obama's legacy. These questions posed by the magazine could apply to the 2016 campaign: "After the day-to-day crises and flare-ups ... are forgotten, what will we remember? What, and who, will have mattered most?"



But in 1941 the war was underway in Europe and Asia. Everyone was aware that the U.S. could not avoid being drawn in.

Silver Willow

Vote by mail for me. Finished my ballot; will mail today. At the post office itself; I don't trust any other method, all things considered. And that is the REPUBLICANS I don't trust. LOL


"But in 1941 the war was underway in Europe and Asia. Everyone was aware that the U.S. could not avoid being drawn in."

The "national emergency" was mentioned often in articles. It was a matter of time.



Right. And my mother said what was so horrible was that there wasn't a thing anyone could do to stop it. No nuclear deterrent, for instance, to keep the world from falling into total war.


We are totally sold on mail-in ballots. We could take our time with it and send it in without a problem although we did take it to the post office to mail juuuust in case.


I just worry about the terror we are broadcasting to all the other countries that thought we were the stable one.

Mage Bailey

Nuts, indeed. I don't make the time to write because of this.

Mage Bailey

I voted then had to call and tell them I scribbled up my ballot. A nice lady asked, "Did you X out the vote you didn't want?" Yes, and indicated the right one," I replied. "Then it is all OK." I thought I would have to go sit on the group W bench and start all over.


She will win. Hopefully, so will down ballot Senate Democrats.


Dianne: I'm glad I'm not in a swing state. It is quiet here. But a League member sent us an e-mail with a report that there is going to be federal oversight of our elections! Wonder if this is happening elsewhere.

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