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October 31, 2016



Except for some folks the intimidation does not even happen at the polls.


Tabor: There is a lot of work to be done in all aspects of voting. Direct intimidation at the polls could become devastating, and that is what has to be stopped at its inception.


Another reason while mail-in voting is wonderful!

Silver Willow

The longer this goes, the more I wonder if Trump could possibly be the anti-Christ. Seriously. He certainly wants to remove democracy from this country and turn it into a dictatorship. That much is clear. He's more attempting a coup than allowing our election process to take place.


Kay: I always preferred voting by mail, but Terry likes to vote in person. At any rate, it's done.
Silver Willow: He does have some quality that seems not quite human. If I believed such things I could quite imagine that he is possessed by a demon!

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