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November 25, 2016



I'm very impressed that Jill Stein has already raised over $5 million through crowdfunding. There must be some very strong feelings out there to produce such a staggering response. I hope her voting challenges bring some positive results.

Interesting that Trump has already done a u-turn on so many of his campaign pledges. Surprise surprise.


I'm glad you're feeling better. We had a big Thanksgiving lunch and, mid-afternoon, I took a long nap.


Stein is ridiculous in lots of ways but it is great that people are this interested in a recount. I don't think Trump will get military on his side, just police.


Z: Agreed. Love & kisses and I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!


You are in a sad place. I hope you cheer up soon. things have been worse, trust me, I'm a historian.


Dianne: True, but this is the only time we have.


Sorry, the Green Party attempts to promote presidential candidates every four years are just vanity politics. Politics is about how people live; self-indulgence in the real world verges on criminal.

Agree with Dianne that things have been worse -- but hard to know where we are going ...


@Jan: If the Greens, and other parties, build from the ground up, then maybe they can run viable presidential campaigns. That would be far in the future, though.

Do you think this recount will work?


We don't have enough time. We have to understand how world events have speeded up. We need to concentrate on the one important issue where Trump is involved. He wants total control, and he will use all the means at his disposal to get it. That's the only issue, really.

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