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November 25, 2016



I assume this burns little energy and is easy to set up!


Love it. You are so clever.

Ole Phat Stu

Hawaiin astronomers will hate you. Laser beams stay collimated a long way; laser beams have been to the moon and back. So when your laser beams (which miss the trees) hit a dust mote in the atmosphere above their telescopes, they scatter optical "noise" back to the telescopes (aka light buckets) instead of the clear skies for which the astronomers came there :-(

Did you think of that? The "beamer" salesmen certainly don't mention that :-(


Stu: Maybe they should stop using laser pointers up at the visitors' information center,too, which they use to indicate features of the night sky.


dkzody: Thanks!
Tabor: Terry installed it. He says it was easy to do.

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