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November 29, 2016


Silver Willow

darn old president elect started spouting off about flags this morning before I'd barely finished a post on intolerance. :: insert rolling eyes ::

My MIL is a genius at orchids. Longest I've gotten one to live in 15 months. :(


Some people are referring to him as an asterisk, *. I prefer to refer to him as Head Liar.


Silver Willow: They really are not fussy, at least not here.It's no surprise that one of the names for Hawaii Island is the Orchid Isle.Orchids like ample indirect light, humidity and plenty of air circulation, and Hilo is ideal for the orchids I have.
If they need pampering where you are, the best thing to do with them is to enjoy them when they are in bloom and then toss them when they are done.
Florence: Or liar in chief.

Silver Willow

It should be fine here in southern California....for goodness sake, my MIL is in Chicago. She just 'waters' them once a week with an ice cube per plant, and the occasional feeding. I try the same thing, and again, lucky to get 15 months and 2 blooming cycles. Oh wells...


Silver Willow: She knows what she's doing. But you have to have a lot of orchids to have some blooming all the time.

Poppa Zao

Ironically, many people unintentionally desecrate the flag.


Brandon: I saw one flying in the rain this a.m.

Ole Phat Stu

A euphemism being used here is "The Tronald", leaving you to deduce the rest.

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