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November 28, 2016



Kleptocracy does indeed smell like what the plan for the U.S. is with the new Prez. Suppose we can move on to more autocratic moves -- continued discrediting our govt., election system, press, seeing increased threats of violence against minorities.


It certainly looks like kleptocracy from here. And yes, all the authoritarian moves that Joared suggests. His number one priority will clearly be anything that boosts the Trump global brand. Good to see Sarah Kendzior getting more airtime than the men! Makes a change from the usual male dominance.


Joared: The press is fighting back, at last. AP has set out guidelines for talking about the "Alt Right," for instance. Wish they had done this soon enough to prevent Trump from winning the presidency.
Nick: Joy Reid let her talk first and get her important points out. Joy Reid is the best in the business. Sarah Kendzior is coming into her own now and will become more important as time goes on.

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