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December 30, 2016



Is that the Kondo book?
Keep the letters. They don't take up much room, and they can't be found anywhere else.


Brandon: Yes. The advice is not really completely suitable for me, but it does have some helpful things in it, like tackling a category of things all at once instead of going room by room.
Getting through those letters was major. I'm not keeping all of them, though. This was a very frank correspondence. As with everyone, my past needs some editing!


I went through this decluttering a few years ago. Still have many letters in a big box.


Looking back and getting a glimpse of who we were...never saved many of my letters and now do so regret that!


Tabor: This is like looking at a completely different person from who I am today, which makes me feel that I rejected her, somewhat. The most surprising thing is that I had completely forgotten about these letters! So I'm asking myself what I gave up, what I retained and what I can still make use of. All this aside from the natural changes of old age.
This correspondence is unusual in that it was so prolific and frank and had material in it that I would not like to have bandied about. So this means disposing of several letters. Lucky e-mail didn't exist then!
My daughter is digitizing a lot of old slides and photos. Some surprises there too. Terry and I were so good looking! Now we are a couple of old you know whats. That part we can't do much about!


"My daughter is digitizing a lot of old slides and photos."

Be sure to keep the original slides and photos, though.


As for the letters, it's up to you what to do with them. But they are a unique record. E-mail seems ephemeral, but not really.


Hope you have a wonderful 2017!!


Letters in the future will be real collectors items I think, as so much all digitized, maybe not preserved. So much can be gleaned casually, informally from handwriting -- I don't mean formal analysis.


Joared: I wrote a beautiful Palmer, but it's disintegrated over the years into a scrawl. Now I print or type and just use it for my signature.

Pamela (LadyLuz)

Happy New de-cluttering Year. Always a pleasure to visit you and thanks for your November post whose comments are now closed.

P xxxx


Pamela: Thanks so much! I will do a rain dance for you!

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