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January 24, 2017



I steer clear of personality quizzes. They're based on such irrational questions, and come up with a different result every time. If big business is using them to try and sell things to me, even more reason to back off!

Did you see the video of New York City's Mayor saying that if Trump tried to foist regressive measures on New York, he would resist them all the way? That's the sort of determined resistance that's needed.


Nick: Resistance everywhere. Weaponize everything. Means turning everything you do into an act of resistance.


How did you find out about this magazine?


About this micro-targeting stuff ... Dems do it as much as GOPers, and probably just was well or badly.

When designing the voter contact plan for a statewide anti-death penalty campaign in 2012, I had access to a lot of such data in choosing who we would try to reach. Some of it was DP specific because the issue doesn't cut cleanly left v. right. We used it, but when you go to scale (tens of thousands of voters) it is not clear whether you really do better at finding your targets than you might with raw demographic data -- for example, Black women frequent voters over 65.

I think the sellers of this stuff make out like bandits because campaigns remain willing to pay top dollar for anything that might give even a marginal return. That is, it's a racket, but it doesn't have to be an entirely efficacious racket to remain viable. Political TV ads are similar; they don't work, but they just *might* deliver a very slight margin ... So campaigners don't dare forgo them.


Sarah Kendzior tweeted a link to it.


In the beginning I would take a quiz or two to pass idle time until I realized their results were totally stupid. Then I also knew they were collecting information on people and I have enough tunnel vision on my own without help.


I don't do those personality tests or many other fun-seeming queries as they're simply designed to elicit personal info that commercial entities are busy compiling and selling about us. What can be used for our benefit can also be used against us in the wrong hands.

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