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January 25, 2017



Brooks is a fool. Both he nd Mark Shields should have been retired years ago. Talk about namely-pamby. The women analysts/commentators like Amy Walters are much better.


"It's dispiriting to see the Democrats on the Hill caving in."

How do you see Hawaii's delegation doing?


Not well, since they should be 100% resisting. They still believe in institutions, since they are so much a part of them. They are good people, but everything they stand for is being threatened, and they can't give in on anything.


Actually, I'm not totally giving up on them, because Sarah Kendzior suggests keying in their office numbers and calling twice a day. It takes practice, as Sarah says, to do this, but it gets easier. I will also keep track of local appearances and go to them if I can.
It has to be about resistance and the big NO! Surely they must see that, eventually.


And Toni gave me some note cards, complete with postage, that can be used write to my congresspersons. Very nice gift. I do think I'll hand them out to people at the next Nation discussion meeting.


Women activists are better too, especially women of color.


There are more of us than them and I comfort myself with that. I do not mind Brooks and Shields, they are much better than some.


Tabor: I don't mind Shields. But actually I don't watch PBS any more.


You already saw the news about Tulsi's meeting with Assad.

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