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January 28, 2017



You can't quit now. We need you on the barricades.


Oh Hattie, what a way to break the news. You have courage. I have only followed your blog for a short while to date but I want to let you know that you come across a strong person. My hopes are for you to receive the best treatment there is and for your body to find the best ways to heal. In 2009, when I found myself in a pretty awful situation health wise, I made that Henry James quote the motto of my blog and it has been my guiding light ever since.
Take care, be good to yourself! With me very best wishes!


I'm very sorry to hear that. Quite devastating news, I'm sure. Glad to know you're in good hands and getting excellent treatment. If it were me, I think I'd do as much travelling as I could in the meantime, but it sounds like you don't have the energy for that.

Silver Willow

Please don't just throw up your hands and resign. I don't know what stage you are, so maybe this is naive on my part, but please retain some hope, and if you are, dig deep for that hope. I am so sorry about this. :: hugs ::


I'm sad to hear your news, but I believe you have the ability to fight it, if you choose to do so. You certainly have a lot to live for, and you always seem to be having a good time wherever you go. Please keep us posted on how this all works out.


I'm so sorry to hear this. Please keep us posted on your treatment.

I agree with Dianne. The Resistance needs you!!


Marianna I am bawling my eyes out. For a myriad reasons that I can't list and moreover can't explain.

You will leave such a vacuum. Such a void.

What a treasure you've been in my life for so many years now.

Thank you for your fighting spirit.

You are a true righteous.



I'm very sorry to hear this. You have definitely lived, though. My thoughts are with you. And, if you need *anything*, let me know.


Well, I know I write that same post in the same way...but I cannot seem to be as brave reading it from someone else. Yes, live life while you can.


Thank you, everyone.
I don't know yet what stage it is but should know by the end of next week.
The support of friends, family, and all of you means so much.

Pamela (LadyLuz)

M. So shocked and saddened by your news today. You seem philosophical and somewhat resigned and I imagine your great fatigue is taking its toll. If it's not too much to ask, could you keep us updated. I am keeping everything crossed that there will be something good round the corner for you. xxxxP


Your blog is an inspiration. Do take care of yourself because we need you.


Resting at home seems like a great luxury right now. I am following the (horrible) news but so happy to see the amount of protest against Trump and his policies.


I admire you and wish you only the best!


My good friend -- such tough news. I trust YOUR toughness will serve you well, however things go forward. Please keep us informed if it feels right to do so.

As for the times: this became something of an anthem in AIDS-ravaged San Francisco in the 1980s. [https://youtu.be/CadP4dRemYk] We keep on doing the work ... until someone else does.


So so sad, and yet you still make me happy and encouraged by your words.


Quite unexpected is this information from you as I imagine it was for you to hear. I don't assume the worst and hope once you receive further particulars that you'll have a better idea about how to proceed -- where to focus your attention and energies. For now, think of yourself and let the world go on. I firmly believe what is good in this nation will prevail once we get through the trials we're going through, and we will. My toughts will be with you as you travel the road ahead. So glad you're surrounded by loved ones.


I am very sad to read this news. Wishing you the best.


Again, thank you, my wonderful friends.


Oh, dammit, Hattie. I am so very sorry. You will be in my thoughts and prayers, but I hope you'll also be here, writing, resisting, living fully. You may respond very well to the treatment, I certainly hope so. Sending love.


Good God. I would so not have expected this. I see you are bearing up, but: c'est dur.


Yes. I gave up smoking long ago, too.


Oh my dear friend, what shocking news! With your amazing strength and spirit, I hope you will be able to fight this. Our thoughts and hopes and wishes are with you, with hugs from us both.

Cop Car

You have my best wishes, Hattie. Tough news for you!


Marja-Leena: So glad for our visits. I think of you often.

Mage Bailey

I'm late here to tell you how sorry I am. Doctor's here too. They have many new treatments for lung Cancer, and I know Kaise has access to them all. I will keep you in my thoughts.

Ole Phat Stu

What terrible news, I thought I was having bad health problems, but not the big C.

I hope they have a good treatment for you!


So sorry to hear this, Marianna. Your attitude is remarkable. Hoping for the least bad diagnosis possible.

Love and peace.


Mage: Kaiser just moved to Seattle, lucky for me.
Stu: I think I'll be OK, but it means moving back to the Mainland, at least part of the time.
Thanks, psilotum. I know I can count on all of you, and that's a great comfort.


Oh my gosh, Marianna! I had no idea. You are so strong. I know you and Terry are going to fight this with everything you've got. We are all thinking about you over here and keeping you in our hearts and praying for strength for you.

Donna Mason

Marianna, I am so sorry to hear this diagnosis. Tough to live with, but still time to enjoy our/your amazing grandchildren.
All best wishes as you learn what comes next.
Peace . .


Donna: Plans up in the air right now but will keep people informed.

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