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January 25, 2017



Sending you good wishes. You deserve to be well.

Pamela (LadyLuz)

M: do so hope you get to the bottom of what ails you and that there is a solution.

I'm seriously thinking of a short holiday from U.S. news. My righteous indignation is at an all-time high, and it's exhausting keeping up with the D. I do feel for your nation. Mind you, our r.w. Tories are fast catching up in the idiot race.

Hugs to you
P xx


All this bad news is not helping the health of any of us. I've got to start getting away from it more and into my own reading and writing about other things. I get mired down by all the news that is coming at us and it just makes me sad.

Mage Bailey

Yes, I like you have been sick far to long. Too many antibiotics too. Referral to an ENT person is next.


It was a lovely weekend and I will post on it soon. I know you were not feeling well so now it is time to get well. Being home and sleeping in your own bed is always good medicine.
Thank you both for taking time to explore some of my world with me. Hope to see you again at the eclipse.


Toni: We'll be there. Wouldn't miss it for anything!


Welcome back. I hope you feel better.


I'll be glad to just be around here until summer. Winter travel is too hard.


Really sorry you continue to feel poorly, and I hope answers and healing are around the corner. Best wishes for you from here.


Thanks, everyone, for your good wishes.

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