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January 27, 2017



What was your general impression of Prescott?

Look 52 from the Gucci Cruise 2017 collection:

They aren't said to be working buttons: "The feline head, a recurring animal motif, decorates the front panel of this a-line coat."

Gucci's creative director, Alessandro Michele, designed the coat as a tribute to London.

As for Revolutionary War uniforms:
"[D]ress coats typically were not cut to have a functioning button front. Instead, they had faux buttonholes and buttons purely for decoration."


Think they keep,trying to direct everybody to Fox for news -- course we know Ailes really warped that operation which is probably in keeping with owner Murdoch's efforts to control world news in every medium.


Brandon: Guess her outfit meant something to the base.
Joared: Yes, Murdoch, the man behind the machine.
The city where we were was Prescott, not Flagstaff, my mistake. Prescott is dominated by Midwestern refugees from winter. It is the ultimate in suburban sprawl. It is a hellish oven in summer. And yet, there is something there that I relate to. Hard to explain. Maybe it's because I'm so white (-:


"It is a hellish oven in summer."

It's a dry heat.


Brandon: It's so hot that after five minutes outdoors you think your lungs are going to combust.



Speaking of which, I hope your scan results are good.


Brandon: Thanks. I'm in good hands, I know that.


Interesting. I like Prescott. Have a friend there whose mother used to be the mayor. They are old time Arizona folks, been there for generations. Not crazy conservatives either.


Arizona appeals to me in a lot of ways, even though it's been so messed up.


Having lived in Phoenix a few years, visited Prescott several times, seriously considered living there, had friends who did, Prescott was considered a very desirable place away from the city -- also at an elevation considerably cooler. locals went to in summer for respite, or to Flagstaff. But everybodies taste is different and maybe it's changed from over fifty years ago -- probably much more developed, more congested, less desirable (as happened with Sedona from when I first was there and even years later, thirty years ago.

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