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February 15, 2017



Healthy to have a little entertaining silliness for no good reason anytime -- especially recommend any that will stimulate you to laugh -- release those endorphins, you know!


Joared: Really seems to work, silly as it seems.


Time to explore diversions. Just sending hugs


I can send or bring the book anytime. See last post.


Brandon: However you want to do it. Would enjoy seeing you if you have the time.


Good to see your posts and to know you are having fun. Wow. Meds thru the mail!

Our health care is stuck somewhere in the sixties.



I have my own secured web page, too, so I can e-mail with my doc, get lab results,etc. as well as ordering meds.


I really do like many of the features of Kaiser. Mom gets all her meds sent to the house too. I can also email the doctor which is great.

Cop Car

I'm assuming that your gene analysis detected the genius that we all know is there. *smiling*

Now you get to have your very own chemo drugs. Not what any of us ever looked forward to.

Glad you're able to take the time to continue your reading. That, and Terry's care, has to be good for you.


Cop Car: A little punning doesn't hurt! I have a day ahead of me of trying to get appointments, etc. straightened out. Always a pleasure.


I can bring it in person sometime in the next few days. I'll call ahead.


How is 1 p.m. tomorrow?


Brandon: Good. But does that mean you are not going to the Nation meeting?


I'm afraid not. I have the column to finish. But next month I'm sure I can make it. Shall we meet at your house or somewhere in town?


OK. See you then.


Schmidley's dtr wants her blog friends to know Mother has had stroke, is in ICU.




They're asking about you over at NancyNall.com.


Brandon: Oh, I'll take a look. And I forgot to say come to my place, if you can.


I liked Margaret Drabble's earlier novels, but I went off her because she seemed to be getting rather self-indulgent and rambling. I must have a look at her latest offering and see if it looks worth a try.

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