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February 08, 2017



Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry for all you're going through, Marianna. It does feel like the country is being invaded by a disease of hatred and isolationism. Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help.


Kay: You and Art have already done so much! We will get through this. Into each life some 🌧 must fall...


A good analogy. And I don't see anything wrong with using the term cancer as a metaphor. It's a very graphic one. Unfortunately there's no political equivalent of chemo or radiotherapy.




Focus on your health challenges and let the rest of us deal with this circus. We've got it and will be here for the longest haul ever!!


Yes, the horrors of our political situation is much like a cancer on our nation. But I think of all the people resisting and all the good people helping and compare them to our immune system, steadily building and becoming stronger until it overcomes the invader who is poisoning the system.

Now, you are in my thoughts and I hope you get just the right treatment to rid yourself of your invader. I'm not much of a hugger but if I were, I'd send you healing hugs.


Nick: We are building up resistance, though. We are certainly getting an education in what it feels like to be overwhelmed by a hostile take-over!
Brandon: The goal is to turn the country into a patriarchal theocracy through controlling and brainwashing the youth, while making profits. It's the prosperity gospel.
Florence: Well, I'm one sick cookie, but I feel surrounded by love and protection. Hugs back! We all need them.


Tabor: I can read and write about stuff but can't be very active otherwise politically. Plenty of good people are on it now!
There are still people I have not informed re: my illness, in the League of Women Voters and so on, but I figure by now everyone around here knows.


I saw your reply to Imani Gandy about Tulsi: I don't think she would run for President in 2020. She might run for Senate against Mazie Hirono; that's been the talk around here, anyway. If she runs for the House in 2018, her primary challenger(s) will emphasize her trip to Syria, especially her meeting with Bashar al-Assad.



Brandon: What I don't understand about her is her eagerness to leap onto the big stage, when she represents a constituency that has areas like Puna in it that don't even have basic services. I hope she can learn enough to keep from making more huge gaffes. I think someone should primary her.


What can I say but, hang in there. We know how tough you are!

Yup -- some cells of our nation have morphed into something pathological. Others are trying to overwhelm the damaged ones. We'll see. We are where we are.

I went for a regularly scheduled mammogram today; no worries, just preventative since it benefits Kaiser to keep us screened. Ran into a woman who serves as the indispensable receptionist at the office of an ACLU affiliate where I used to work. Her mantras are "persistence" and "self-care." We have no other options.


There is value in knowing definitely the problem to elimate any uncertainty on that issue. Now you can focus totally on overcoming this assault on your being. Illness as metaphor is most appropriate. I believe the vast majority of our population will act to protect our system of government. Will be hoping your plan of action to overcome the adverse elements in your body is effective.

I was delighted yesterday afternoon driving home from my medical appt. to see a large group of protestors of all ages at the main intersection in our town on famed Route 66 carrying signs including "She Persisted!"

Now, I've just heard on the news that so far the judicial branch is still serving as a check on executive branch abuses of power. The immigrant ban executive order continues to be on hold. Our ongoing defense and offense must and will continue as will yours.


Thanks for all your encouragement, blogger friends! I feel much better after the 9th Circuit Court decision.


It seeps everywhere. I see the sales of both 1984 and The Handmaid's Tale are thru the roof. You can beat this thing and we can beat This Thing.



Miracles can happen!




Pity the poor congressperson!


Did you know of him or do your daughters know of him?


Im not going to play the ain't it awful game. Our system of checks and balances is working and will continue to work. I enjoyed the uproar at Cafitch's (sp) town hall this week. Obama won that point. He made health care a right and even people who voted for Trump are now demanding it.

Remember what Yogi said, It ain't over til it's over" we are far from over. You should have seen the commotion in 1861.

Mage Bailey

I am late noting but for my own wearing out. Yes, persistence and too acceptance while fighting back. You sound really good, and I can honestly say I'm honored to know you. I keep you in my thoughts every day.

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