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February 27, 2017



Good to hear from you! Listen, about the coughing, there's no sense in worrying about if you are going to have one or not; take the medication and if it happens, it happens and what onlookers think isn't under your control either so just go with the flow. IMHO. I hope the fluid draw will help with both the coughing and your energy levels. Anyway, we are all thinking about you and wishing you well.


Have a good flight. Think not of the coughing. Hope you get relief with treatment. Heard La Migra concerns early on with original exec order -- expect they're ongoing since Calif. in Feds crosshairs. Like the language of the book quotes.


The media here made a huge deal of the Oscars and the Warren Beatty slip-up. They gave rather less space to the woman who's being deported despite being married to a British man for 27 years. Apparently the authorities objected to her being abroad for a while to look after her sick mother.

Jenny gets coughing fits sometimes. She finds them most embarrassing.

Mage Bailey

hope getting the fluid out will help the coughing. i'm cheering you both on.


Your medical treatments seem to be making you an even deeper thinker! I have had a few lung issues and know exactly what you mean when you cannot control a coughing spasm.


I hope the treatment went well.
Trump's speech was technically not a State of the Union address:

I missed it because I was at the library.

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