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February 02, 2017



"And he still has rock-bottom loyalty from his base of ignoramuses. They are to blame, not us. We tried to stop him, but stupid won out."

This is what I find most galling of all.


I tried the first morning I read your announcement to no avail. Hope this works today. Firstly, I am very sad to hear your diagnosis. Having experienced two different cancers I can understand what you are going through. It's so surreal. Yet you must stay on top of every single thing mentally. My heart goes out to you but I believe you are quite brave and strong. One of my favorite stories about stupid reactions is that the CEO of the place where I worked was originally an RN. He should have known better. When he discovered I was going to go undergo chemo he came into my office and said in an awed voice, "Oh, my God what a horrible thing to go through." This as I was attempting to psyche myself out of being so damned terrified. There you go. Craziness everywhere. Am sending good thoughts to you. Nothing but positive energy. You have wonderful support.

Mage Bailey

And he is getting stupider every day...but you aren't. We are here to cheer you on no matter where you are.


Casa Grande is coming up in a day or two. Stay tuned.
Please hug my sister for me--you both could use a hug.
I loved Paddington Bear--you will too.


I consider it fortunate that circumstances resulted in my ending up working in the medical settings which hadn't been my plan when I trained midlife for my new profession. One thing I learned that became especially critical when HMOs came into being was that the patient needs to ride herd on every little thing -- and it hasn't gotten better. The other lesson, especially important the older we become, is to have an active, involved, educated advocate for support -- someone who will engage in learning with the patient as as they go along is ideal if a medical problem as you're dealing with occurs.

You wisely set up your living arrangements some years ago allowing for various options. That should be the approach all of us aging should pursue. I've done the same as best I can though my plan has been somewhat different than yours as would be the case for all of us.

Don't know if you recall the old radio comedy team Bob and Ray -- one said, "Write if you get work." and the other sign off line that seemed so humorous was "Hang by your thumbs!" The latter of which somehow seems an appropriate good will message to send you at this moment. ;-)


Good for you, Marianna! Keep it going! I'm so sorry for all that paperwork and stuff you have to do to get the care you are entitled to.


You focus on your battle and the rest of us will move this administration's removal to the top of the list for our battle.


Ah, you are all such good pals!
Joared: I loved that Bob & Ray show that was on the Mutual Network. Remember Leona Anderson and the Bob and Ray theme song?


Those challenges in paperwork give and extra edge to all you have to do to be taken care of. I am grateful for our universal healthcare care though not perfect is fairer and I've been pleased on the whole recently.
The nightmare south of us is mindboggling.


I was probably speaking out of turn when I mentioned travelling. I know everyone reacts to something nasty like cancer in a different way (my father died of lung cancer in 1988). So I won't presume or suggest anything. I just wish you the strength and persistence to deal with it all effectively and fight your way through all the red tape.

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