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February 10, 2017



With you in spirit. I hate these intrusions on my physical self too and it totally effects my outlook. I become a slug, barely sentient.

I was so glad to vent to dear friends last night. Venting helps.



Time to adopt the 'Phyllis Diller Housekeeping attitude." I think she was the one who said she would clean her oven only when it became too dirty to bake A single muffin. I'm sure that applies to microwaves as well.
And when politics becomes unbearable, get out your art materials and create something to soothe the nerves.
I am beginning to enjoy Kellyanne, she is a true brainless Barbie doll. SNL needs to get on that one.


Hope flights over and back good -- guess they're pretty routine transportation when you live on the Big Island. I'm sure I can't fully appreciate the myriad feelings you must be experiencing, or thoughts richocheting through your mind. So much information you're processing -- be kind to yourself -- you'll begin to sort it through, I'm confident. You can decide whether or not to bother, but you seem like the kind of person who would want to bother -- just will decide as you go along what matters to you to bother about. Caring thoughts coming your way across the ocean.


@Toni: Cheri Oteri should come back to Saturday Night Live to portray Betsy DeVos as only she could.


I'm sure you will remain your self. My sister went through this and she survived. She remained a life-long Democrat too.


Thinking about you. I know these are hard times.


Wishing you well on this journey, keep up your spirits hard as it is, Marianne. I admire your spirit even if some days are just not fun. Am having some issues too, so I escape into books and DVDs and let the housekeeping standards slip.

Silver Willow

I am so very sorry that you are having to go through this. I'm going to post a link, that although is geared to benzo withdrawal recovery, I see no reason why it can't be applied to dealing with the throes of cancer. You are in my prayers.



House work is only important if the crud can catch on fire. Take a break from all of it, or hire a housekeeper so that you can focus on something pleasurable such as reading or writing or traveling short distances. Take it one day at a time. Do not try to predict the future and how you will be. And share, because the rest of us have not a clue how we would handle such a challenge.


Terry is there, Marianna. If it gets too unbearable, I know he'll clean it. This isn't important right now. You have to focus your energy on the fight ahead. Just remember we're here most of the time if you need us. Please keep us informed.

Mage Bailey

"...if the crud catches on fire," indeed. Laughter and love beat all. We are with you in the spirit. Thanks so much for keeping us posted.

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