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February 18, 2017



Our eyes can see far more colors than the camera can. I usually push the saturation because what the camera revealed is not what my human eye saw. Many people have said they do not like the high color of photos these days, but I find it all depends on the subject of the photo.


Vive la difference. I've had to do this too.
Gosh I envy your orchids.
And I so miss my collection of African violets.



One of the mysteries of life: Do your eyes see the same colors that I see? Those pictures of your orchids made me wonder anew. I am always taking photos that have a slightly different hue than what I perceive with my eyes.


Lovely orchids! Appreciate your video link I could share with some family -- trigger some memories. Glad you could enjoy a talk session with friend. Keep talkin'!

Mage Bailey

I like your orchid pictures. I appreciate the energy it took to take them. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Off-topic, but I saw your tweet about Milo. Incidentally, he was permanently banned from Twitter for trolling and inciting cyberbullying against comedian Leslie Jones to the point she quit Twitter herself. But she soon came back:


You might enjoy her Twitter feed.




I don't have much energy today, but I will keep posting as much as I can manage.
Brandon: Knocking them down, one by one.


There's a certain blue color that my camera just cannot get but the iPhone does. I don't understand it. I'm really hopeless when it comes to the technical part of cameras too. That's why I stay with point and shoots.



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