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February 01, 2017



The Hilo oncology center was always full when I accompanied my mother to her chemotherapy.


Brandon: And that does not even account for surgery, treatments, etc. that as a Kaiser patient I would have to have done in Honolulu. It's too much.


It is such a challenge to face the emotional and physical battles while also facing the bureaucratic challenges as well. Kind of you to be thinking about your children and family at this time. Their lives do go on, don't they.


You sound like you are well organized for your later years... a good lesson for others! Ballard sounds like it may be easier with medical services and family nearer to you. I wish you good luck and good spirits with everything you are facing.


Large urban centers do have more choices. We still wait for speciality services but we can get in. At least Ballard is a fun place. Wishing you strength and Good results


Glad you have Ballard and plausible plans. You are so sensible!! I admire that.


It's so nice that you'll have a place close to your daughters. Lucky you! Kaiser has been good for my mom.


I wrote my previous comment without knowing the whole. I'm so glad your daughters can help you get through this along with Terry in Seattle. If we can help in any way, here on Oahu, please let us know.

Esther Kottke

My thoughts are with you. You have taught me much and now you are sharing new insights and knowledge.


Thank you, all for the encouragement. It is too bad that services are not better here, and it's going to be kind of a mess figuring things out, even with all the help we are getting. But, as I say, we knew something like this could happen, and we have had a lot of good years on the Big Island.

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