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February 24, 2017



Have a great weekend, Marianna. Fresh eggs and mulberries! Yay! That's wonderful!


Glad to read that your appetite is intact. Eat away! I think our problem is that we try to pigeon-hole Trump voters. Like us, they are a mixed bag of rich and poor, educated and uneducated, religious and non-religious. Unlike us, they do not really want to listen to news that may change their ideas on things. Liberals do like to analyze ideas and modify. That is why they support the news that comes in all forms.


Hard to see how people can have valid reasons for voting the way they did. How can voting for a severe clamp-down on minorities, immigrants and marginalised groups be "valid"? Or voting for an elitist billionaire? Or voting for an unashamed pussy-grabber? He must have a very odd definition of "valid".


I read kristoff's piece.too. I know a bit about Yamhill county. Our daughter attended LInfield College in McMinnville. Lovely rural setting, but even in the 90s it was like a different world. All white. We always noticed that when we crossed the border into Oregon. Where did the diversity go? As you said, hidden away, under control.


I saw this last night:



Tulsi's district office is in Honolulu, but she has a Big Island liaison:


Mage Bailey



I've lived in the thick of those who are probably DJT supporters rhough in states far from Oregon -- many reasons why any one of them might see hope in him, however intolerant some of their reasons, especially, may be. He has brought out of the woodwork to the surface the long quietly suppressed views of so many I knew first hand were present. I wasn't prepared for just how many held such views. Can we possibly get past this and be better people, closer to being the nation of our ideals?


And he'd better 'splain that big loan, yeah?

Mind yourself as we say back home.


Kay: I am rich in good friends!
Tabor: What Trump voters have in common, mostly, is that they are white. So I guess that white liberals are in the minority.
Nick: Beats me. But I live on a different plane, or maybe even a different planet!
Dkzody: Oregon has always been a racist state with an undeserved reputation for liberalism based on the liberal enclaves of Portland and Eugene.
Brandon: So Tulsi doesn't want to face the music. That is interesting. Thanks for the link to her liaison.
Mage: Well, I am impressed that you can write a note after that hand surgery you just had! I have been getting encouraging news from a physician friend of mine about my diagnosis and treatment so don't feel neglected any more. Whatever can be done for me will be done.
Joared: A lot of what they are suppressing is not very easy to understand, though. For instance, I've always had trouble with gender politics. Just the other day I had a talk with my daughter, and she straightened my head around about that. It's confusing if, like me, your basic mindset is that men are men and women are women. I can see perfectly well that that is not the case, of course, but my old mind clings stubbornly to that notion. It's a good idea to talk to younger people about these things.
Wisewebwoman: I do think the Russian connection could bring him down.


We're now discovering that Robert Mercer, the US billionaire who used high-tech to engineer the Trump victory, also helped to engineer the Brexit vote in the UK. Creepy stuff.



Nick: Such a bummer, as we say in my country. I have been reading a long, long article about Mercer, and I go back and forth between fury and boredom.


Re Trump voters: I find myself wondering whether, if my father were still alive, he would have voted for Trump. He was, after all, an old white man. And he carried a lot of resentments and grievances. Somehow, life had not worked out as he'd hoped. And even back then, Buffalo was dying economically around him. On the other hand, he always did his best to dutifully act throughout life as he believed he should. And despite a gruff exterior, he was a gentle person. He would have been torn, but perhaps he might not have gone for Trump. But then again, he did vote for Goldwater. It's interesting to think about.


Jan: Confronting mortality, as I am now, changes my thinking about many things. I theorize that many people simply don't know how to think of themselves or what to do when they are not young any more. Aging seems like such an affront to their self-image that they ruin their lives either attempting to impersonate the young and live as they do or grumpily assenting to the limitations, as they perceive them, of everyday life as a non-young person.
Now I have to think of myself in a new way, and it's quite an adjustment. But I can't feel resentful. Instead of saying, "Why me?" I'm saying "Why not me?"
I'm putting what faith I have behind modern medicine and leaning on every support system I can find in this ongoing emergency.


So the Russians helped Hillary win the popular vote but Mercer helped Trump win the Electoral College?


Ingineer: Who cares? It's all about winning. Now where did the Dems learn that?

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