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February 21, 2017


Mage Bailey

You know you are on my prayer list, my thinking-of list. I am so sorry you are weak, but I am glad you are able to read. Now I too need to find that book.

Which reminds me, did you read any of my endless essays on the Reich? I think the only thing I didn't go into was the foods. :)


In the Garden of Beasts grew on me.

When William Dodd returned to the US, he toured, speaking wherever he could on the dangers of Hitler. My mother used to recall that she'd go to speeches to hear such warnings; she was not a leftist, but was very cosmopolitan for an American, spoke some French, had studied in Geneva ...

Take care, friend.


Mage: Where would I find your essays? On your blog?
Jan: One unfortunate matter was that many on the left thought that the warnings about the Nazi state were propaganda to lead us into war. That was my mother's belief. And like a lot of other leftists, she thought that Soviet atrocities were exaggerated.
It is too bad that Dodd had the prejudices of his time against Jews. But he was a decent man.


Glad you're continuing to enjoy reading. Take it easy.

One of the more informative books I read over a year ago which set off the alarms for me about what was happening here has been "Where Ghosts Walked: Munich's Road to the Third Reich" which history studies Schmidley's Scribblings recommended. Author David Clay Large addresses the cultural, social, political climate in the preceding and early years that led to a population that increasingly was seduced by, ultimately embraced a person who gave the German people Nazism.


I hauled The Handmaid's Tale out of our library to read for the 3rd/4th time. Will add yours to my list.

Not that it will do us any good.


Glad you're writing. Sorry you have zero energy.



Wisewebwoman: We do gain the benefit of hindsight from reading about the rise of the Nazi state. I am feeling better today, if weak, and awaiting a call from my doc.


Yes, the danger is that stuff coming out of the US government that right now just seems a bit off-the-wall and heavy-handed will gradually be accepted as normal by people who haven't thought it through, are mindlessly deferential, like "strong leadership" or whatever, and gradually the tough measures will get tougher and tougher until one day you have full-blooded fascism. As you say, the country is currently in a crucial transition period.


Nick: What worries me is all the goons who are getting jobs in "security," etc. Every population has these people, who can be organized into a military force like the SA.


What Nick says is my concern also -- that's how they do it. It's beginning to happen now.


That book looks very interesting.

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