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March 17, 2017



Yay for Terry! I'm so glad your appetite is returning and you're dealing with all the treatment with such strength. You are an inspiration for all of us.


I'm observing Lent but I had corned beef yesterday.


Good to hear you are coping with everything and that your appetite is improved.

What an idiot we have in the White House! Well, that's when he is there and not playing golf in Florida. You can just see on Merkel's face that she is thinking, "They've elected a bloody moron, a bloody moron." And his ignorant tweets about funding NATO, what a bloody moron!!


Stir Fry sounds too non-fattening. You need some decadence in your diet. Try all the Ben and Jerry's flavors (one at a time) and do a taste test. Or Chocolate eclairs for breakfast, cheese blintzes for lunch, I think I am getting hungry. At the very least, pig out on those great Hawaiian macadamia nuts.
I read "The Family" some years back and it described what I was witnessing with Bush (et al). The 'Family' is now in power and (My conspiracy theory )they have been manipulating and controlling all the way back to Reagan and beyond. Media acquisitions, gerrymandering, purging voter rolls, inch-by-inch political takeover of the heartland states and much more has brought us to T-rump. It is a Jesus-based cult and a Bloody Shame!
Indeed, you are an inspiration to lots of us. Several of my friends here in Tucson send their best wishes and good thoughts. They are also avid readers of your blog.


Look forward to your book review. Am sure there are those long manipulating toward their own ends the governing of our nation. The Billionaires -- and there are more of them now -- will fight it out, I guess, so we'll have our challenges.

Glad you have an improved appetite. Stir fry layout looks good.

Mage Bailey

I'm so very glad you are feeling life with appetite again. Nothing new on Diane, and nothing at all on the Captain who is reacting very badly to her chemo. I'm here whenever I can get here. Hugs at the two of you.

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