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March 06, 2017



That's probably how most of the British Cabinet see it, as they refuse to do anything about the under-funded, over-stretched NHS. They presumably all have private medical insurance so they don't give a fuck what the rest of us have to put up with.

Mage Bailey

ah, a truism. I'm waving at you.


We were having dinner with some friends last night and found out they were Republicans. Didn't know that, but they voted for Obama and were totally devastated that Trump won. They said they're changing their status to Independent now.


A commenter at NancyNall.com says Ryan turned off his phone and fax. Maybe this is what they're talking about:



Nick: Well in my country we have no illusions about what our leaders think we are entitled to, which is nothing.
Mage: They really don't care.
Kay: I'm sure they are not alone. I imagine they are moritified.
Brandon: He doesn't care.


@Musings: See also George Will



Oh, I've long said I wish there was some way we citizens could cease paying our legislators health insurance, but then they can all well afford to pay for it themselves.


Ryan might not care, but the Jezebel article has great tips on how to get around the off-the-hook tactics.

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