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March 06, 2017



I was a Bernie supporter until Hillary got the nomination, then I supported and voted for Hillary. I think that many who voted for a third party candidate did so thinking that there was no way that enough Americans would vote for Donald Trump to actually elect him. Now we see how wrong that thinking was. The only good I can see in this mess is how many people now see the importance of actively participating in our government at all levels. My only hope is that the Republicans will stay in such disarray that their damage will be muted and above all that the Twitter in Chief will never get his undies in a knot and call for the nuclear codes. 4 years of this, just unbelievable if we weren't watching it with our own eyes

(Hope you are feeling better.)

Mage Bailey

good stuff


I saw that this battle was not what the Jill crowd thought it was. You can fight for your values when you have an intelligent and normal person on your side. Do not think you can fight some odd battle while the big dogs are fighting theirs.

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