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March 09, 2017


Mage Bailey

So very pleased that you are feeling so well. I sure care.
Yes, I bless my medical system too. you are in my thoughts every day.


Wonderful news. There is a reason to all these medical research teams and right now you are it.


Terrific news. Glad that modern medicine is working. Glad that your insurance is working. Glad that your creative juices are flowing.


You go, girl. We are all pulling for you. With a few prayers sprinkled in, too.


Glad to read this about your status. Your workshop sounds interesting. Wish we had something like that here in my community. They probably do in toward L.A.


I'm so glad you are doing well with the therapy and what a blessing it is to have a healthcare team that you trust.


Delighted for you my dear. Onward and energy infused. Well done.

And the workshop sounds brill.




Silver Willow

great news!!!


You may be interested in viewing Charlie Rose Show Thurs. 4/9 including panel plus scientist/patient who started web site to share with patients in layman language what he's learning Bout CA, treatments, clinical trials -- he was Stage 4 colon ca -- but talks about all CA -- chemo tx. -- immunotherapy discussed -- much more. Also Dr. Started blog FWIW: Adventures in Living terminally Optimistic https://adventuresinlivingterminallyoptimistic.com/
Rose Show likely avail. on his site in next day or so. Very educational, positive.


Oops...March. 3/9. Not 4.

Laura Keith

I am so glad to know the Meds are working for you, dear.


Wow. Such good news - may your energy last!


You are all so darn wonderful and I feel much encouraged by your good wishes. Delighted to see you here, Laura!

Pamela (LadyLuz)

Bloody marvellous that you feel so good and ready to dive into something new. Love and hugs xxxx

Toni larson

I went to an all day seminar a wk ago on self publishing, layout, marketing, etc, led by a number of successful writers plus several publishers. I came away excited about the opportunities out there. Of course, my main roadblock is an inability to stay focused. 'SQUIRREL! SQUIRREL!" Glad you are looking at new avenues with your writing.

You are winning this, a battle at a time. And I am here, cheering you on.


I'm glad you're feeling better. Let me know how the workshop goes.


Much much better but still realize I'm not up to the workshop. A little over-optimistic!


This is really, really hopeful! Gracious! If you count all the stuff I'm supposed to take, I'm afraid it's as many bottles as you. I'm trying to get my new doctor to reduce my dosages.

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