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March 16, 2017



Thank you for this post! Your attitude is praiseworthy and gives me much insight and courage. Mahalo


Thanks, Cloudia.


Let me know if I can help. I'm glad you're receiving excellent care.


I, too, was pleased Hawaii quickly rose to the occasion for which we Americans can be proud. The efforts to bulldoze and bury what makes this nation unique continue from this President and his administration. What will it take for those ordinary Americans who support him to grasp how so many of his actions not only will not benefit them, but will, in fact, harm them? Meanwhile, we persist and resist. You fight on!

Mage Bailey

I stop by here, or on facebook, every day to cheer you on. Thanks for saying all the the things I'd like to say about Trump and Kaiser. Bravo....


Great update. So glad to read your progress (?). And love your description of the Kaiser team. As you know, I too find Kaiser does the job for me.

Hawaii was much celebrated at a rally today in San Francisco against Muslim ban 2.0.

Like you, I get tired of the Nation. They mostly mean well, but so ... dull. And in dire times, I think conspiracy theories are a self-indulgence. I'm collecting material to write about that.


You know how to face the chaos, inside and out. Keep it up, your blog is important.

Mage Bailey

Your chaos and trump chaos. Hey, he did it again to Merkle this morning. LOL I so hope your chaos is less. Hugs from the foggy Mainland.


I like the way you carefully remove all the objectionable parts of Vanity Fair before tucking into the more interesting bits. Trump is indeed a parvenu, a Johnny-come-lately, trying to worm his way into the intelligentsia who want nothing to do with him. His visible desperation is embarrassing.


That whole Merkel thing was amazing. I really believe Donald is in constant pain. Could be his gut.


Thank you for this post, Marianna and saying all the things so eloquently for me. I rely on all that you know. I couldn't believe #45 wouldn't shake Angela Merkel's hand. Good grief! How embarrassing for our country. That was so disgusting. Art does Meals on Wheels and knows how much people count on it. He's also worked for EPA and is appalled at what's happening there.

I'm so glad you're getting good medical help. Unfortunately we don't belong to Kaiser, but mom does and they do take good care of her.


Kay: Well, as you know, I love Hawaii and its people. You are the best! I have only been here 20 years and have some of the the aloha spirit that you and Art exemplify, I hope!


So true about Vanity Fair.

Great post.

Glad you're doing so well.

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