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March 02, 2017



Glad to hear from you and how things are going. Just heard a news report tonight of a study talking about how -- even for dealing with cancer and treatments -- that a degree of exercise, maybe spread out over the day, if just the 150 steps, is more effective combating the fatigue than the once recommended rest. Of course, I'm a strong believer that "one size doesn't always fit all" and you would want to review with your medical team if this would be advantageous for you, or might it be contraindicated given your other medical issues.

Yes, it is encouraging so many recognize the issues with this adm. and a sustained resistance. We'll continue doing so!


Anger at the administration should help you focus away from the pain and discomfort. I do not think we are in denial of diseases...we just are not hypochondriacs and wait for something to really smack us up the side of the head before we investigate.

Pamela (LadyLuz)

You are in my thought, M, and it's good to be able to keep up with the treatment you're having and the mood you're in.

As a non-American but concerned observer, it's encouraging to read about the organised resistance. Strange things are happening where Senators and Congressmen are refusing to be accountable to their constituents at Town Hall meetings - one even threatening police action.....democracy, what democracy. Robert Reich gives clear and informative bulletins daily.

Mage Bailey

you know i check in often. glad to know they are taking care of you so well. i care.


A heartening post my friend. So happy the coughing has been treated and that you're as Feisty as ever.

Yes I've been heartened here on the Edge at protests and rage against our police state. Militarization and unaccountabil ity of police everywhere is a threat to democracy.

Keep it up!



" Yes, Trump and his cohort are fascists, but the majority of Americans are not. " Indeed, I think that's HUGE!
Denial? Yes please.
Glad you are finding some comfort. Sending positive supportive thoughts to you.


You might find this article interesting:


It's causing a commotion in the Twittersphere too.



So good to get your reports. Use those drugs whenever you need them. I believe in 'laugh therapy' whenever possible. A package is coming for you and Mary that has a few laughs in it.
I also believe we have T-rump on the run and someday we will even think he was laughable. I hope that day is soon.


Joared: I do get up and walk around so as not to become completely unfit.
Tabor: Well, I am much heartened by current political developments. It's appalling that we have gotten into this fix, though.
Pamela: Looks like we got it covered. Trump's base is finally starting to erode. His latest rallies attracted tens. Soon we will be hearing that no one was "really" for Trump, just the way it developed that no one was "really" in favor of the Iraq war.
Mage: Well, as has been said so so often, "Old age ain't for sissies!" Caring is what counts and makes it all bearable.
WWW: Yep. It's all turning around now.
Cloudia: We aren't Nazi Germany, not by a long shot.
Brandon: I was taken in by the "Alt-left" myself. They are not entirely wrong, after all, but they are subversive and some of them are outright treasonous. Too many of them despise ordinary people and everyday concerns.
Toni: I would not, at this point, be able to manage without these opioids. It is scary how fast I am developing a craving for them, though, so I am being strict with myself about how many I take, and when. They are being doled out to me one week's worth at a time. I'm just a wreck without them, alas.


I'm so sorry for all you're going through, Marianna. I'm glad you're getting the support and health you need right now. You are always in our thoughts.


My mother was wary of taking pain medicine too.
The ordinary people in Hawaii knew Hillary and favored her. There were locals for Bernie but the enthusiasm for him here was generally young and haole.

Mage Bailey

hope you are still holding up well. you know you are in my thoughts.


Kay: I'm hoping for better days after my treatment but it is tough right now. I have no energy at all. Terry has to do everything.
Brandon: Fact is, I can't get along without the pills. I would be too sick to go on. It's mostly to control the coughing, which was exhausting me.
Yes, the Bernie people were mostly young white people and also the leftist types like Noelle R. and the Hos and so on. Noelle was very angry at me for refusing to jump on the Bernie bandwagon, and Jennifer sent me a long e-mail trying to persuade me that Bernie was "the one."
Mage: Thanks so much. I especially appreciate your vids of cute furry animals on Facebook. (:

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