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April 19, 2017



the left is in big trouble just when opposition is needed most. what will emerge?!


We in the UK are now faced with a totally unnecessary general election just so Theresa May can crush Labour and get a huge majority. The joke is that David Cameron brought in a provision for fixed-term parliaments of five years. Turns out there's an escape clause which Theresa has happily exploited.


I read this excerpt twice and I still don't get it. Maybe because the term 'metamodernist' makes me feel first like an idiot and then too old and finally just WTF.

Running errands and being active is totally overrated. Don't fall for it.

Mage Bailey

So glad you are better.
News...there's Dan Rather on Facebook.


The big news yesterday was the firing of Bill O'Reilly. I remember you writing long ago that O'Reilly was a "hireling" but it seemed that he was set: the highest-rated cable news show (Chris Hayes is directly opposite him, btw) and a lucrative set of ancillary products, especially his books. This was his gig to mess up, and he did.


This is a question for you and everyone else: What do you think of Shattered, the new book on the Hillary Clinton campaign?


Cloudia: I think the problem is that Democrats don't all understand that getting Trump impeached is the top priority.
Nick: I can't really understand the Brexit matter or Theresa May. Whatever is going on does seem negative and very bad for everyday British citizens.
Sabine: This passage is the very finest in pseudo-intellectualism, practically a classic.
Mage: I will check him out.
Brandon: I actually never have watched his show. He seeems like a most unattractive person. I will be getting Hayes's new book soon, A Colony in a Nation.
I don't think I'll read Shattered, but I'll look at reviews and maybe an excerpt.


Glad you are feeling better. The authors of Shattered were on a radio show I listened to on my way down to Santa Barbara this week for a little vacation. It sounds like an interesting book and will likely be a primer for what to do and not do in a campaign.


Well, above all, don't be a woman.


More like don't be an unlikeable candidate that has such a vague message that many of your staffers don't even know what it is. And be so unapproachable that nobody on the staff can tell you the truth about what is going on for fear of getting their head chopped off.


I'm glad you're feeling better, but take it easy. It's OK to let Terry take over with some things.


Ingineer: Well, I was going to come up with a reasoned reply to this, but then I thought it over, and basically what I have to say is "Oh poo." Trump is the worst president ever, and anyone who voted for him should be deeply embarrassed. A lot of men can't stand the idea of a woman like her being in charge, and many women resent her for her superior abilities, but even so Clinton won the popular vote by a large margin. She remains popular with women of color and with second wave white feminists like me. My regard for her has increased as I have seen how she conducted herself in this last election against her repulsive opponent.
Kay: I really am taking it easy. I have no choice! Terry is doing a lot, probably too much when I consider that he is still working at his job with a start up company. I am hiring someone to come in and clean once a week and also getting ready made meals from a woman who is an excellent cook. Having those every day matters taken care of and being able to stay in my own home mean a lot.


"I am hiring someone to come in and clean once a week and also getting ready made meals from a woman who is an excellent cook. Having those every day matters taken care of and being able to stay in my own home mean a lot."

Are the meals from a friend of yours?

How do you think Hillary would compare with Margaret Thatcher?


She is a caregiver for a friend and very competent and what I call an intelligent cook. Her cooking is good tasting and healthy both.


As to Thatcher vs. Clinton : Thatcher is dead and Clinton has more agency because she is alive.😊
Otherwise, I guess the notion is how do they compare as leaders who are women?


I mean more how would they compare with each other as leaders?


I really can't speculate. Not enough information.


That is certainly your prerogative. But I think most people that did not vote for Hillary were not misogynistic, but just did not want this woman to be President. Perhaps you forget that 8 years earlier she was also beat by a neophyte African American politician that had a middle name of Hussein.


I forget very little.


When the Shattered book comes to the library I'll check it out.

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