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April 15, 2017



It is ever more frightening. Can their Rapture be too far off?

And for chemo-brain you are as sharp as ever.

Big hugs.



I have seen the subterfuge up close. It was the reason my husband and I left a church where we had been members for almost 40 years. I could not believe how swept up the other congregants were with this fellow. He later moved on, after too much damage had been done for me to return. and continues his ruse.

Mage Bailey

They are all strange, but they must need this garbage for underpinning.


If you've ever read the book of Revelations, you know that destruction upon destruction is hurled on the earth. It's God's plan. Why bother with the environment when God's plan is to destroy it? And my SIL sends me FB posts about how Trump is God's anointed. I know a fellow pharmacist with 20 years hospital pharmacy experience who went to see the replica of Noah's ark in Tennessee complete with Noah and dinosaurs. Incredible!
Anyway, I hope you are feeling better and not letting all this nonsense disturb your chemo recovery. How many more do you have to go?
Many hugs!,


First, Happy Easter. Beautiful weather.

A lot to digest, maybe over the next few days.
@dkzody: "[T]his fellow" was a pastor who assumed leadership of your church?


How did you find out about Stroop?


Another such charlatan. They are very numerous, you know.

Poppa Zao

Off-topic but interesting. Antifas mixed it up with him and other protesters last year in front of the Capitol in Sacramento.



EP gets occasional products of Evangelical education in her classes at a Jesuit college. They don't quite fit, so you never know whether they are trying to break away from something or their parents thought maybe this Catholic school would be an intellectually safe space for them.

What strikes me is that Stroop is gay. To have come up when he did, as gay, was inevitably an education in basic dissonance between what the culture said was fact and the felt facts. Lots of people just killed themselves. Those who got through are good cultural decoders of realities.

I've seen a soft form of idiot evangelicalism that accommodates itself to some measure of same-sex attraction, but tries to uphold the main tenets of anti-scientific Christianity. This looks untenable to me, but count on US culture to generate such a thing. We're big and diverse. :-)

I notice you keep thinking even through chemo brain ... good!

Poppa Zao

Another off-topic-but-interesting thing: Dr. Oz was on and the prosecutor from the Avery case (featured in "Making a Murderer") was being interviewed. I remember you'd written about that show in February 2016.



Brandon: Someone on my Twitter feed linked to the article.

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