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April 10, 2017



What I hear is that Ivanka got through to her father about Syria.


Absolutely. Now Donald is in charge, we can all sleep soundly at night, knowing he's dedicated to peace and diplomacy....

Toni larson

'Goodness' had nothing to do with it.


Meanwhile USian children rot in Flint. He doesn't give a rat's. It's all about establishing a US airfield in Syria.snd oh yes I'm sure his tiny fingers are immersed in the arms industry.



Brandon: Ah yes. The human side of Trump. That does go over well with the rubes.
Nick: I cringe for all of us.
Toni: Yes, they seem to favor lies and other forms of evil over the good.
Wisewebwoman: They have meager social models, know very little outside their community of other rich people. They are afraid of the rest of us and projecting their fear onto us. Meanwhile, life goes on, no thanks to them.


Why would we need an air field in Syria? We have them all over the region already. And we have had US Marines in Syria since 2015 when Obama sent them there.
Funny how suddenly everybody is in an uproar about legal authority to use the military. Only one Presidnet has ever violated the War Powers Act and that was Obama. He also sent troops into over a dozen countries and nobody batted an eye.


Believe what you want to believe. I no longer care.

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