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April 06, 2017



Glad to hear your dtr coming. Keep up the good fight!


Habermas like so many of the intellectuals at the time were totally unprepared for what happened. None of these clever minds had enough intel or gut feeling to accept that the so-called downtrodden and perpetually spied-on people in the East would actually have the courage to rise up. It took years to accept the fact that something happened that was not influenced by the likes of him in the ever so proper and intelligent West. There were nasty commentaries such as "a people rose to go shopping at last" etc.

I must include myself. I thought the person who told me that people are standing on top of the wall in Berlin drinking and dancing was having me on and I laughed him off, certain it could never happen. I was living in Africa at the time, far away from news channel but this is not enough for an excuse.

But I believe, even the Left can learn from mistakes. Or rather, if the Left cannot then we're truly fucked.

I sincerely hope and wish that you are both getting some relief soon and can enjoy the visit of your daughter.

Mage Bailey

Yes, yes, and yes.
Glad your daughter is arriving.


I'll try to visit sometime. I hope you both feel better.


The chemo is working. I got a good night's sleep and feel stronger today.
Sabine: Great comment. Your point of view is so valuable and one of the things I really like about blogging and bloggers.
Over here, we did not think such an obvious fraud as Trump could be elected President. I think at this point that old-line Americans like me have something special to offer. We take nothing about America for granted, know our family histories of success through (mostly) appropriation of the life, labor and property of the less fortunate, who have turned against the patriarchy and religious fundamentalism, which has always been about selling religion to the unlucky while exploiting them. We know our family past and how they came to be so well off at the expense of others. We see the regression at work now, which has allied itself to turbo capitalism, religiousity of the most offensive kind, anti-intellectualism except in the service of exploitation and sly undermining of enemies (ex: Bonner). We know the situation inside and out and connect the dots. As long as my strength holds out, I will write about this, which is about the extent of my ability to contribute, along with donations to the mainstream social justice organizations we contribute to.
Those leftists who lack a long-term relationship with this country really don't understand. They are right to insist on justice, but that does not go far enough. We are a real country. We did not spring into existence when their forebears came over. My "pedigree" goes back to 1820 and even farther than that on one side of the family; these were Californians who were dragged by force into the U.S. as part of the colonial expansionism known as "manifest destiny."
So much more to say!


How wonderful that she is coming! Thanks for posting your worthy thoughts.


"(ex: Bonner)"



Oh, yeah, thanks.


Speaking of Bannon, I just found this:


and from that page's sidebar:


Glad the chemo is giving you some stronger times.

You do seem to have some solid politicians from your state. Heard Hirono speaking on something the other day. Sharp. Schatz raised the right issue re the Syria strike: congressional authorization?

Hang in there.


Are you going to the Tulsi Gabbard town hall meeting?

Waiakea High School, Tues. 18 April, 7.30-9 p.m.


Jan: Tulsi is just an ordinary political opportunist, but otherwise we're in good shape with Mazie Hirono, Brian Schatz and Colleen Hanabusa
Brandon: Can't go, have to avoid crowds because of low WBC from chemo. Are you going?


I'm not sure yet.


Well, if you do go, please report back.


But the things I like about the US weren't actually proposed by the "center" and they were fought hard for, and Joe Hill was an immigrant.


Z: As I say, I'm a square.


From the 11 April Star-Advertiser:

If I go, I will.

…“There is only one thing worse in politics than being wrong, and that is being right,” said former Gov. Neil Abercrombie, who strongly defended Gabbard’s stances on Syria. “People will forgive you for being wrong, but they very seldom forgive you for being right.”

Abercrombie, who spent two decades in Congress, suggested that would require too much introspection….



Yes, well, I think they are full of it. That's my honest assessment.

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