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April 05, 2017



"Max and Moritz get into all kinds of trouble and eventually are ground up in a flour mill and eaten by the geese!"

I have a copy of Max and Moritz from my grandmother. It's from at least the thirties.


Have to say I've never read Angus Wilson or Henry James. Seems like I'm missing something. At the moment I'm reading Lionel Shriver's The Mandibles, about a massive US economic collapse that bankrupts the wealthy and well-off and forces them into a humiliating hand-to-mouth existence. A rather depressing but brilliantly imagined scenario.

Mage Bailey

My friend Captain Poolie had her second infusion and is now in the hospital in isolation. Low potassium. I feel so for both of you. Your brain is still working and I applaud it. Mine is mush.


Hunker well!


Nick: I would like to see the rich bastards suffer! That would cheer me up.
Mage: Sorry about your friend. I'm eating bananas and hoping for the best.
Jan: Thanks. We are both somewhat better today and so grateful our daughters are coming.


Being happy is an accomplishment worthy of praise!


I'm glad Terry is better. We need him to be at the top of his game right now.

I'm so sorry we couldn't visit during our Big Island Trip, Marianna. I'm afraid our time was scrunched and we were centering our trip totally on mom. Whenever she's with English speakers, she tends to close down with a serene smile on her face. We didn't want that for her this time so we didn't visit any of our other friends or Art's relatives this time.


Claudia: I find that when I'm happy in the moment I totally know it!
Kay: Please don't apologize. I completely understand. I hope we can get together some day again in more auspicious circumstances.

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