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May 16, 2017


Mage Bailey

These are really exciting works.I dont understand the basics, but I love the end results.


Mage: Wow. Thank you. Praise from a real artist!


I have been thinking of picking up a brush or pen...but will wait until the fall when I slow down again.


Tabor: I'd like to get back to ceramics, but don't feel well enough quite yet. And my orchids are languishing, which makes me feel bad. They are pretty forgiving in this climate, but I want to tend them again. I do like my Buddha Board art and am doing enlargements, framing, etc.


I would lIke very much to see the process.


Yes! Make that Youtube, please. I look at your paintings and respond not in words, but in feelings. Guess that is the point.


Jan: Yes, there are things I can "say" without words in those paintings. Someone somewhere said once that people over age 60 don't have a subconscious or unconscious. I guess I would say that the "mysterious" regions of the unconscious get easier to reach the older you get. I spend a fair amount of time in a kind of dozy state and remember when I was young seeing older relatives doing that and not having an inkling that they were in a very creative mental state.

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