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May 05, 2017



Undue profits. That is the sticking place. No one will every agree on what that is.


Off-topic but might be of interest: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-army-secretary-nominee-withdraws-amid-fierce-opposition/ar-BBANgRo?ocid=HPCDHP


We complain a lot about the health care system in Germany but I would be completely broke without it after seven years of living with a serious chronic illness - and many more years ahead of me.

Yes, it's compulsory, contributions are deducted at source (15% of gross income) and co-pay has slightly increased (I now have to pay € 10 for every quarterly prescription of the immune suppression medication).
But we were all 'brainwashed' in school during social science lessons, the concept of the solidarity principle (not just for health care but also pensions) as a corner stone of a functioning democracy etc. We all sat yawning through these boring lessons but even at age 15, it made sense.

A principle of a society that is not based on compassion or pity but on solidarity and mutual respect and support. Compassion and charity are nice but not required and should not cloud the view. I was moved by Jimmy Kimmel's speech the other day but it's not about small tiny babies with awful heart conditions - it's about a responsible society where people are able to work (and contribute to the GDP etc.), to consume and participate, to produce and be creative, to be successful and even wealthy . . . because they have access to universal health care. Not the other way round.


Tabor: We need good laws that are enforced. Always a struggle.
Brandon: We seem to be winning, but it is a huge battle.
Sabine: This is so informative. Germans have certain tools we don't have in this country, such as a general commitment to social democracy, a talent for organization and a pragmatic compliance to the rules. And a determination not to repeat the horrible mistakes of the past.
Your chancellor is a woman and a scientist. We should be so lucky!
BTW: My husband has a PhD in physical science, which is the same degree that Angela Merkel has. In some alternative world they could be colleagues!


You'd have to regulate what the doctors and "administrators" get paid too. And that would work. A lot of people are making big $ in our system that would not be somewhere else.


Off-topic but regarding your and Imani Gandy's tweets about George Will's joining MSNBC: I figured he was an MSNBC contributor. He has appeared several times on The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell, including last Thursday when O'Donnell had him on to discuss his latest anti-Trump column. O'Donnell introduced him as an MSNBC contributor and I said, I figured as much.



Did you see this?



Jan: Yes, esp. the administrators. My experience with Drs, at least here, is that they have high ethical standards. They are very overworked and earn every penny they make. Careful not to attack drs, (and nurses) because attacking the very people who provide the services can lead to a crisis such as has befallen the education system, with the way teachers have been belittled and defamed.
Brandon: So Will goes where the opportunity is, and that does not seem to be at Fox. He can continue to bloviate and pretend to be the voice of reasoned conservatism. Interesting that the Tribune Herald carries his column.
Psilotum: Excellent article. That clarifies a lot. I think I read an opinion piece a while ago that made a similar argument but can't remember who wrote it.


Right now it seems congress just wants to remove everything about Obama, never mind hurting the people who voted them in. All the town hall meetings with angry constituents doesn't seem to move the Republican representatives and senators.

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