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May 12, 2017



You saved a life! West Nile virus a few years ago did away with a lot of birds around here I noticed and fewer ever since. Glad you're avoiding cat scratch fever, so take care.


What is the photo of the demonstration?


Morty can never get to the birds he sees out the window -- and though hunting instinct is innate, I doubt he could catch a bird if let out.

I have had more Morty holes in my thinning skin that I want to remember. Always inadvertent ...


Joared: I don't believe Hawaii had any West Nile virus cases.
Brandon: I was cleaning out my office and this was a card from 2005 showing a peace demo in Hilo.
Jan: It interests me a lot to see how hard wired in its behavior a kitten is as compared to a human baby!


I'd like to sic Sparky onto Trump. That immature nut case could use some reproof.

Ummmm... Marianna? That's quite a bit of blood he drew. I hope he was reprimanded too so he doesn't do it again.

We call that rice bird, Mejiro.


Kay: We are being very firm with him. He needs training, that's all.

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