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May 12, 2017



Good insight.


Whaddja say???


Pop culture helps to reveal the horror.

Celia Andrews

No wonder Melania lives in NY.


Celia: Yes, well, and she is having trouble selling her line of fragrances or something. She gets no sympathy from me!


Really, they are such cheap, lousy people.


" 'Monster' was based on the Cathy Ames character in East of Eden by John Steinbeck...".

The original version of the song.


Read that years ago and saw the movie. Basically the Cain and Abel story. The mother was a horror, as I recall, because she lived for herself. And was of ill repute, as is delicately indicated in the film. I forget what the father was supposed to stand for: Adam, basically a weak man, a cipher, having been metaphorically castrated by his evil wife, James Dean playing the "good son" trying to rescue his father. Julie Harris as the angelic girlfriend. And so on. Very 50s. May misremember some of this.
Good part: Does convey some of the atmosphere of California, the Salinas Valley, Monterey. I seem to recall a lovely sequence at the fairgrounds on the ferris wheel, with Julie Harris a wisp of thing in a pink dress (already an old bag of 30, playing an ingenue.) Might watch the film again, but maybe not. It's an example par excellence of the ponderous heavy handed film making of the period. Like Rebel Without a Cause but without the laughs (exception: when the lettuces spoil and James Dean is devastated and gives a truly over the top performance of histrionic hamminess.) The heavy hand of oh so serious Elia Kazan lies upon all of this nonsensical tale.
I seem to be in my Pauline Kael mode today!
Well, I am a girl of the 50's, when the best attitude toward popular culture was total snark! I must have seen every first run movie of that period, and most of them were outrageously bad and today unwatchable. It's the 40's movies that have retained their value.

Celia Andrews

Thanks for dropping by Hattie. Been reading your page for awhile and couldn't quite get the hang of leaving a note. It turns out to be simple. Sending many good thoughts your way though. :)

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