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June 07, 2017



I'm sorry to hear about Ronni Bennett and hope she will receive the best possible care.

I'm glad you're doing better too.

As for Wonder Woman, I watched Batman v. Superman last year, and Gal Gadot's performance as Diana Prince was the most outstanding in the movie. It was meant as a preview of the Wonder Woman film. Gadot will appear later this year in Justice League, in which Batman and Wonder Woman join forces.


We've still got a very long way to go before movies routinely feature strong, assertive, intelligent, ambitious women rather than women who are either decorative or controlled by men. It's hard to think of one film where that applies.

Silver Willow

Wow, I could not disagree with you more about Wonder Woman. I thought it was one of the best "super hero" movies of all of them, very empowering for women/females for all the right reasons....and the box office is proving me right. It's sold out here everywhere, even now during the week.

very sorry to hear about anyone with cancer. :(

Mage Bailey

Most of my friends, even the little old ladies in the back room at the shop liked that film.LOL

Yes, I know Ronnie has it. My ex-husband had it...it's an awful thing. I have a few friends on Facebook with Lymphoma....I wear a little green ribbon for them and Ronnie. I haven't got a ribbon for you, but know I am remembering you all the time. :)


By chance I just read an article in the Times Literary Supplement about the "summer blockbuster," ...

Is it this one?



I'm slowly composing my own Wonder Woman scathing review.


Anyone who liked Wonder Woman, can you explain why in some detail? I'm not a snob, here. I loved Moana, for instance.
Queen: Oh please, please write your scathing review! You have the best opinions!


Oh, and I liked The Hunger Games, too.


Brandon: Yes, I subscribe to the TLS on my Kindle. Online it's behind a pay wall.


Thanks for this review. Daughter said it was truly sorting out her "fun" feminist friends from the more radical. I haven't seen it yet so will hold my tongue.

Yes I read Ronni and was super distressed.



Wisewebwoman: I don't get it, being neither radical nor "fun feminist."
I could not take what I suppose was considered "serious" in Wonder Woman, seriously. What? War bad, peace good??????
More: Oh, and that beat up old notion, "love." Which will save us all, but not until after millions of bodies have been piled up.


One thing I learned from my therapist is that if you want to absorb or express aggressive behavior, you get more aggressive. Is this good?

Ole Phat Stu

Did you notice all the anachronisms and continuity errors? See https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/3749933/superhero-box-office-hit-wonder-woman-is-filled-with-29-glaring-mistakes-in-a-comedy-of-eras/ for a list :-)


Stu: This is very cool! Thanks! It sure seemed like a sloppy, rushed production! Not a lot of talent on show, I thought. But who cares about stuff like making sense, showcasing acting talent, plotting, developing a story? Above all what matters is how much money can be made by manipulating the movie-going public with cheap gimmicks. Providing clever publicity like having all - women screenings so the menz won't come around and ruin the vibes. Note that the film was full of mostly menz with one woman getting all the attention. Is that the narcissistic fantasy being sold to women?
But most of all I feel insulted that this is supposed to show that women have arrived and are in a position to cause as much carnage as men, but all, you know, in the name of peace and love.
If I seem to take this too seriously, we have become a country that consumes media in incredible amounts, to the point where it's become our reality. The smart phone has done us in. It's always with us, and we are always in touch. Look at our president, with his TV (CNN, FOX) and tweeting. He does eat a lot, and he gets out for golf. That uses up most of his time, leaving him with little left over for governing, which, apparently is not to his taste. We are a country basically asleep in media dreamland while imagining ourselves to be very busy and hard working. I do not exempt myself. However, I excuse myself for the time being because I am sick and can't get out and around much.
Too bad you aren't getting the really good media stuff America still can produce (I noted when in Paris a while ago that the "big" American movies were being shown at the same time as they were in America, and I assume it's the same where you are; they are designed for the international media market), which is some of the miniseries on the streaming services Amazon and Netflix and the cable channel HBO. We are enjoying the third season of Bloodline, the chronicle on Netflix of a Florida Keys family with many, many secrets. The takeaway: in 20 years it will all be under water. Fascinating.
More on all this later. Seems important.


The only film I've liked of late has been Hidden Figures. But then I don't much go to movies -- or stream 'em. Guess I'm a lousy media consumer. Too busy.

You, on the other hand, should be doing whatever gives you pleasure! Be well.


Jan: Oh. I liked Hidden Figures too. I envy you. So much I want to do. Lucky you can do your good work.


I also saw 'Wonder Woman' and it was not any better than I expected--written to formula with the standard required dose of explosives and loud noise. But I did enjoy Gal Godot's performance as a female super hero--no deeper than a layer of sweat or more emotive than whoever that Superman guy is. The thing that got me though was a little girl, approximately 10 yrs old, a few seats down the row from me. At the end of the movie she leaped to her feet and applauded. Her enthusiasm made me smile. I yearn for more strong female figures and if this makes enough money perhaps more will come. Hunger Games opened the door for (what's the word for feminine machismo?) and Hidden Figures for brainy women. We're on a roll!


I've mentioned Volta here before. I don't know if it's on Netflix but the DVD is available via interlibrary loan. You might enjoy it more than Wonder Woman, despite its relatively crude special effects. (The Hilo library once had its own copy, which is how I found it.



I'll see Wonder Woman before I see The Mummy.


I never cared for super hero comic books when I was young and I could care less for the movies being made from them.

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