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July 13, 2017



We supervise our cats, too. And even the neighbor's cats. I keep the yard cool for them to lie about in these hot days.

Mage Bailey

Yes, he is darling. Yes, you sound zippy. My friend Poolie get's that way after steroids with her chemo. Mold on the ceiling? We discovered that the insulation in our attic was dripping wet from the sea air. Everything got moldy from that little excitement.
You nap all you want.


I am glad that you have such good days, and such a good housekeeper! I sure could use one too :)


Madge: Yes, it's the steroids, which are, unfortunately, giving me cataract! But without the steroids I would be miserable. Today I'm kind of meh but OK.
Marja-Leena: Your house looks perfect to me! Wish I could be visiting you this summer. Hope you are well.


I still can't quite believe there are cleaners who positively enjoy their work. I'm so used to people moaning about their endless household chores I assume everyone sees cleaning as a dreadful nuisance.


Nick: Melanie has talents far beyond those of us who merely slog through our domestic chores. If it's just doing what's necessary day by day and basically pushing the dirt around, it's not inspiring. But if you can get the results Melanie does, it's an art. There are good career possibilities, too: helping design and decorate restaurants and other businesses, "staging" properties for sale or rent, etc. I'm just lucky to have her now, because I don't see her willing to do what she does for us indefinitely.
Also, because she is a housewife and mother, she understands what is most important domestically, so she always begins by doing a thorough job of cleaning the kitchen. I never bothered much with the floors, because we go barefoot indoors so don't track much dirt in, but now, thanks to her, our floors shine with cleanliness! Just a great look.

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