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July 14, 2017


Cop Car

You always take such great photos of your orchids, Hattie. Thanks for posting them.

Your oncology nurse sounds like a jewel, and I'm hoping you can find some treatment that is helpful. I'm so glad you are doing better than predicted. Wonderful!


Your orchids are gorgeous!

Glad you are feeling a bit better.


So good to hear you are getting such care! And that life quality remains good, much of the time ...


I was feeling OK until I watched Richard Engel's report on MSNBC on the "victory" over
ISIS in Mosel. He was genuinely furious, and now so am I.

Celia Andrews

May all your hurricanes veer north! I think oncology nurses are some of the most amazing people on earth. So are you though you may not be feeling it right. Love to you.


"I think oncology nurses are some of the most amazing people on earth."

Celia, the ones who helped my mother were excellent.


Wonderful human beings.

Pamela (LadyLuz)

Glad to read you're mainly in such good spirits M.

The orchids look wonderful, especially the last variety in your pics. How satisfying they must be.
Love and hugs to you xxxxx


Glad all is going better than expected for you. Think chemo treatments are more attuned to the individual in present day med treatments which is encouraging. Once your chemo ends wonder if maybe your sensory issues will lessen. Really an interesting attractive looking variety of unusual of orchids.

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