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July 01, 2017



"I lost the battle, and the kitten has ended up with the name, 'Blackie.' How banal."

With whom did you lose the naming battle? Blackie is the name of our own black cat. I wouldn't say that name is banal so much as straightforward. Sparky was a nice one. Popoki (Hawaiian for cat) was my initial suggestion. Perhaps Black Jack, Sable, Jet, etc.


We once had a black cat named Snowflake.


Ooooh! Love the rainbows. Mary and Jim are leaving tomorrow for Hi. Check my blog before they arrive. I'm crossing my fingers you get to Oregon for the eclipse, I really would like to see you. Hugs to you, Terry, and Sparky/Blackie/Whatever. By any name he sure is cute.

Ole Phat Stu

Oh deary me! Hilarious! ;-) While I can imagine you are "an extremely complaint patient", heh heh, I must assume you MEANT to write that you are "an extremely compliant patient" ;-)


Stu: Total Freudian slip! How funny...


Great to hear you're enjoying some positive-feeling up times. Photos lovely!

Hippies not of my generation as described in your previous post. My interests had me caught up in lots of more interesting things in the Midwest where I was living at the time. You pretty much confirmed what I was inclined to think about some of the prevailing situation with the males into that scene. Sanders supporters I know have no real knowledge of him.


Maybe you could spell is Blaque...like Ann with e.

Celia Andrews

Pleased and grateful for your recovery from January. We named our black cat Teufel (German for devil) but he was a sweetie. None of our cats we meant to have :-)


We don't have cats. Cats have us.


Was "Blackie" Terry's choice and "Sparky" yours?


Yes. But basically, so what? A cat by any name is still a cat.


Perspective: summer here and fire out tonight. Because 9 degrees Celsius.

I did like my suggestion of Nero. He's a Nero to me.

Blackie? Well maybe banal can be good.



I'm so glad you're feeling better, Marianna. We've all heard how difficult those treatments are.


I am so deeply grateful to read this post, M!
Seems you have been a significant person in my life to show me a thing or two.


Cloudia: That goes both ways!

Poppa Zao

Re: your retweet of this:

What do you think of Max Blumenthal nowadays?


Huh. He and his friends need to understand that only a broad center-left coalition can save us.

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