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July 06, 2017



A great song. I'd never heard it before, would you believe!


Nick: Wonderful. Like my friends.

Celia Andrews

I'm so grateful for friends ours and mine. Good to hear you got out into those wonderful Hawaiian waters.


It's a lot warmer in the water there than here. I'm not a water person.

Hang in there!

Cop Car

Does the chemo make sunburning more likely? Wouldn't a tiny house in the mountains be wonderful? Thinking of you!


Cop Car: We white folks here have to be careful to stay out of the sun as much as possible, but but our skin gets damaged anyway. The UV is very strong in the Rockies, too, plus which it's dry.

Mage Bailey

Thank you for taking time to send us a note. we care. We are thinking of you everyday.

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