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July 02, 2017



I know this is bad, but Trump for me is the new normal and that's dangerous. I'm not shocked anymore. His idiocy seems just his normal stuff.


Mainstream media wouldn't even pay any attention if he wasn't President, you're right! I'm amazed listening to how his supporters excuse and rationalize his behavior -- truly scary they describe him as just being a real genuine person, so it's almost like anything he does is acceptable. Clearly, in his warped mind, anything we do is not which is truly dangerous.


The real concern for me has always been the voter mentality that put him in such a powerful place. That is simply terrifying. He is not the problem. He's the distraction and the emblem of much discontent, racism and misogyny.



Yesterday in conversation with recent visitors to the US, we tried to predict how much longer he will be tolerated, when will even the most conservative member of the religious right say, 'you know something, I had enough'.
That or maybe something a bit more like a mass revolt? How long until complaining isn't enough?

Ole Phat Stu

Before the statue of Liberty, nd not Ellis Island. It used to be that the first thing immigrants saw when reaching the US coast was a huge elephant (on Coney Island) which doubled as a whorehouse.

The GOP is continuing in this tradition ;-)


Even Americans who should know better idealize this country and imagine we have fallen away from some imagined greatness. We are far more interesting than that.

Poppa Zao


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