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August 01, 2017


Linda P.

I hope Rachel Maddow covers it, too. I'm trying to be hopeful this morning, with news that a bipartisan Senate group is going to be meeting with governors, insurance executives, and others about stabilizing the ACA. I'm trying to maintain hope that something good will result from all this turmoil, but it's hard to turn away from the news coverage of President Trump's involvement in crafting his son's misleading statements and Congressman Ryan's assertions that his focus remains on complete repeal and replacement of the ACA. I hope this turmoil is not taking too much of a toll on you as you fight another fight.


This whole mess hurts my head.


I have made the tactical decision not to follow this tangled web, counting on others to untangle it. Go for it!


Check out Ilind.net too.


Actually at this point it seems quite simple. A perfect example of a cooked up conspiracy theory: "fake news."

Mage Bailey

Fake news indeed.


Tabor: Me too. Can't seem to tear myself away from my Twitter feed as the latest news/scandals come in.


Disappointing any responsible journalist betrays tmoral and ethical values by being a party to fake news.

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